Meet the Winners of the Texas Business Plan Competition

At the first annual Texas Business Plan Competition last weekend, 16 teams representing 7 Texas Universities presented their original business plans in hopes of walking away with the grand prize. Innovative students showcased solutions for renewable energy, eCommerce, education, healthcare tech, digital communities, agriculture tech, and more.

After the semifinalist rounds, four standout teams moved into the finals. Judges, participants and guests were dazzled with high-quality presentations from these ambitious student teams.

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Winning Team: Sun Co.
Mandeep Yogesh Patel and Taylor Zhao

And the winners are….

1st Place: Sun Co. (UT Austin) The solar energy industry is growing rapidly, and a majority of that added solar capacity is installed with tracking capabilities. The team at Sun Co. is developing solar trackers that drastically reduce cost through the use of shape memory alloys without using any electricity.

2nd Place: Xelpha Health (St. Edwards University) Xelpha Health is making a simplified electronic medical record that focuses on user experience and high fidelity record keeping. Our EMR will have an inbuilt decision support system to help underserved markets deliver the best care.

3rd Place: FreeBar (University of Houston) FreeBar provides reinforced fiberglass rebar for concrete structures. Our rebar can double the lifespan of any concrete structure, increase the durability, eliminate corrosion, and drastically decrease maintenance costs for contractors.

4th Place: PolarPanel (University of Houston) PolarPanel is a solar energy startup focused on bringing clean, reliable, and low-maintenance refrigeration technology to the commercial cold chain. We are specifically targeting rail by retrofitting refrigerated railcars with NASA-developed solar technology that removes the need for both battery and generator. PolarPanel promotes efficiency and slashes maintenance in an industry driven by efficient operations and controlling maintenance expenses.

Thank you to our judges, support team and sponsors. See you next year!

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