November Innovation Capsule: 3 Principles to Help You Start Design Thinking

By Julie Jung

Design Thinking is an iterative way of solving human-centered “mysteries”. With increasing interests in entrepreneurship, problem-solving, creativity, and innovation, design-thinking is a model that has gained large traction over the past decade. People oftentimes cannot pinpoint exactly what they need or want. The process to realization involves incremental steps which hopefully leads them to fulfilling happiness and a better quality of life.

So, what should you know about Design Thinking before you start?

1. It is messy and time-consuming.

People often don’t have access to their needs or wants. Even if they do, it is difficult to execute a solution because of the tedious nature and refurbishing process. Most startups first fail to succeed. A “master” product is most likely to be the final product of many failed prototype stages.

2. It requires thinking one step backward.

One of the most innovative and influential product design companies, IDEO, was able to use the process of design thinking and apply it to the re-design of something as simple as a familiar shopping cart. They drew on some of the common pain points of the customers and reflected on their own personal experiences, to target certain spots of the cart and re-invent it. Furthermore, one interesting aspect to note is that IDEO’s company culture cultivates creativity and innovation by enforcing no work titles.

3. It takes diligence.

Design Thinking in a way draws on Thomas Edison’s quote, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”. The process of product development takes diligence and grit.

Key Insights from HKEC’s Ignite Startup Workshop featuring Professor Raj Raghunathan’s talk on Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs. To see the full recording of this Ignite Startup Workshop, visit this link.

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